February 18, 2017

Sam & Cindy

Sam & Cindy wed in June 2016 and I had the pleasure of framing up their day. This is what I felt free to capture.

Nikon F2 / Delta 400
Kiev 60 / Delta 400

February 4, 2017

Shelter Belters

Captured facing south on a piece of land called Whitetail Meadow near Niverville, MB in November 2016.

Take two.

Olympus SP-35 partcam self-timer edition: Fujifilm 400

February 3, 2017

Flip, Flop and I go to Chiang Mai: a single roll photo essay

Train travel is one of my favorite modes of transportation. 

Banpin Station, north of Bangkok. Captured through a train window. We made many stops on the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai; Banpin was one.

When I look at this, I see my past, present and future. I can hardly wait to print this. Bust out that cloud story.

Bright side, strong side. I love the sense of community and solidarity that presents itself in the morning following a long night ride on a train. People photo snappin' and tooth brushin' right out the windows. A moving house speeding / chugging through the Thai countryside.

I fell in love with this Australian gentleman. I wanted to scoop him up and hear all of his tales over a glass of scotch. 

A softie of a portrait of my brother over brunch at Libra House. December 2016

A side shot of Libra House. The lovely guesthouse we stayed at in Chiang Mai! An excellent place I highly recommend!

My view within the Old Town of Chiang Mai on Moon Road. Dogs, tuktuks, bikes and greenery.


My sweetheart scoping the breakfast menu.

This scan does this frame no favours. I will remedy this disgrace shortly. The tones on this negative are bonkers! 

A portrait of my brother Michael. Or as I like to call him, Milky.

A portrat of our official navigator of Chiang Mai. I praise the moon for Iain's internal compass on a regular basis.

Fence still life / end of the roll pin punches from the negative weight!

All photos shot on my old faithful Kiev 60 / 120 FP4 pushed to 400. I have full intentions of printing this entire roll. Those train shots get my train wheels 'aturnin'.

January 28, 2017

Last Roll of December

Folded hands at the beginning of the roll. Would've been a nice portrait.
Whitetail Meadow near Niverville, MB.
Natalie makes a drawing on her mudroom floor.
Back roads with the one who patiently waits as I pause to compose from the shoulder.
For Jer, wherever you may be.
Arlo's second Christmas on the farm. She unwrapped her new doll cradle and made herself at home.
A quilt for Atlas' fifth Christmas from Granny Tammy. The ultimate gift in my opinion!
Sweet times on the farm.
Holiday girls. Rebecca and her young Lula at home.
Lil' Water and his mama Stef.
James, young Walter and Stef on their stoop.
Walter, giving it away for free. 

All photos captured at the tailend of 2016 on my trusty Kiev 60 / FP4 pushed to 400; processed at home.

Having a hoot in Chiang Mai: 35mm colour edition

First morning in Thailand. Family portrait, self-timer edition on the steps of our hotel in Bangkok.

Parting ways with my parents in Bangkok as they began the next leg of their journey to Koh Samui. 

First 'rays poolside in Bangkok. Iain still attached to his socks at this point in the journey.

This photo does not do these colours justice. Captured mid 14 hour train ride to Chiang Mai.

Hour X of the long train journey. Iain was thrilled to be able to stick his head out the window enroute.

Milky captured in the eleventh hour of zero sleep. His face does not portray his true excitement.

We arrived to our beautiful hostel called Libra House in Chiang Mai. True to form, Iain discovers the best vantage point.

True to form, I bombarded his solitude and mocked his socks. He could have thrown me over the railing, but didn't!

This is us in a nutshell. Milky captured this magic while dining in Chiang Mai at a nice wood-fired pizza joint we stumbled upon late one night. I couldn't get enough of that icy cool white wine.

Iain found a bar in the middle of the Night Bazaar I was purusing and I joined him for a brew. We befriended these talented Thai folk crooning brothers. I asked and this is what they gave.

All photographs captured on my trusty Olympus SP-35 partycam / Portra 400.